About Us


To be the leading investment platform for African entrepreneurs.


To provide an invaluable platform that stimulate investments for entrepreneurs in Africa, creating sustainable business in the process.

Our Values

GET's values define who we are as an organization and what makes us distinctive. We believe in acting with dauntless integrity. We are:


Standing firm for what is right, delivering on commitments, being resilient and trustworthy, taking personal accountability, being decisive, using judgement and common sense, empowering others

Open Minded

Communicating openly, honestly and transparently, welcoming challenge, learning from mistakes Listening, treating people fairly, being inclusive, valuing different perspectives Connecting to clients, communities, regulators and each other Building connections, being aware of external issues, collaborating across boundaries, Caring about entrepreneurs and their progress, showing respect, being supportive and responsive.


Flawless Service delivery , loyal to our craft, conscientious , attention to detail & thorough.

Question And Answer Column

Each week, one of our investment experts answers a reader's question in the case of GetNorthwards' Q&A column. It's all part of our mission to help our stakeholders enrich their understanding of finance and investment.

We've a dedicated team that responds weekly to your questions or any area of concerns. Please forward your questions to the following email (hello@getnorthwards.africa)